Body massage

1000uah – 40 min.

( 8:00-18:00 one relaxation)

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1600uah-60 min.

(shower with a girl, two relax)

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1800uah-60 min.

(caresses all over the body, shower with a girl)

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Kiss of angel

1600 uah-60 min.

(peep show girl shower)

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Secret desire

2500 uah-60 min.

(caress kisses all over the body)

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Pleasure for couples

4500 uah-90 min.

(2 girls, fun for couples)

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Paradise night

12 000 uah-8 hours

(spend the night with us)

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Faraon VIP

5000 uah-90 min.

(2 girls, candid kisses, champagne as a gift)

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2500 uah-60 min.

(light domination)

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Mutual kisses

3000 uah – 60 min.

(classic erotic massage, caresses and kisses all over the body, cunnilingus, strip show or pop show to choose from, a girl kisses a man’s body except for intimate areas, a shower cocktail with a girl)


Erotic violin

3000 uah – 60 min.

(classic erotic massage, caresses all over the body and kisses on the waist, strip show or pop show to choose from, cocktail shower with a girl. )

Spending time to the magical, erotic notes of the violin

Relaxation with the Tenga method

3200 uah – 60 min.

(classic erotic massage, body massage, head massage, unlimited relaxation, caresses all over the body, kisses on the waist, shower cocktail with a girl )

Secrets of Cleopatra

2000 uah – 90 min.

(erotic games with whipped cream or chocolate. Caress all over the body, shower with a girl)


6000 uah-120 min.

(three girls, erotic massage, lesbian show, touching all over the body, aqua relaxation, two supplements for vibori, champagne and fruits )

Aquapoa pleasure

3000 uah-60 min.

(relaxation massage in the jacuzzi caress kisses of the whole body and intimate zones champagne as a gift )

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Foot fetish

1500 – 30min.

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Urological massage

1500 uah-30 min.

Mutual enjoyment

1800 uah – 60 min.

(mutual caresses, erotic massage, kisses except intimate areas, shower with a girl)

Pharaoh’s concubines

3000 uah-60 min.

5000 uah-90 min.

(with two girls without explicit kisses, lesbian show)

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Pharaoh’s Baths

1950 uah-90 min.

2700 uah – 120 min.

(one girl, spend your time in the hamam or in the sauna)

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